Wild und einfach Zürich

A performative walk for the opening of the Tanzhaus Zürich with Cie zeitSprung:

The wild original Zurich lies hidden and buried under gentrification. But it is just lurking and waiting to be awakened like a sleeping monster. Together with Tanzhaus and Einfach Zürich we are tracking down this wild force, reviving the wilderness and also imagining a Zurich of the future.

The Zurich based company led by Meret Schlegel and Kilian Haselbeck invites you to a historically walk along the Limmat between Tanzhaus and Landesmuseum Zürich. Experience Zurich’s history together with the performers – live and direct. The program director of Einfach Zürich, Walter Bersorger, will accompany the walk with historical reminiscences and will take us on a short detour to the exhibition Einfach Zürich at Landesmuseum. Come with us and experience and see Zurich with new eyes!

  • Concept and idea: Meret Schlegel, Kilian Haselbeck, Manel Salas Palau
  • Performed by: Meret Schlegel, Kilian Haselbeck, Manel Salas Palau, Nello Novela
  • Guide: Walter Bersorger (Einfach Zürich)
  • Cooperation: Einfach Zürich und Tanzhaus Zürich