About Us

Compagnie zeitSprung

Cie zeitSprung was founded in 2013 by Meret Schlegel and Kilian Haselbeck. Meret and Kilian met each other at Tanzhaus Zürich in 2010. Kilian was dancing in a piece by Philippe Saïre while Meret was the director of Tanzhaus Zurich. She invited him to create a solo piece during a residency. During this time the two got more and more interested in each other’s work as dancers.

A year later, Meret resigned her position at Tanzhaus: she felt the pull to go back on stage once again. Through a fortuitous coincidence, Meret and Kilian both found themselves in Berlin around this time, and brainstormed their first ideas for a collaborative work over a mug of hot mulled wine at an outdoor Christmas Market.

From these first sketches arose a short piece, “To be or Orthopädie,” whose premiere made an unexpected splash in Switzerland. This success inspired the duo to continue developing what became the evening-length work “Orthopädie or to be,” which is still touring nationally and internationally and was honored with a 2015 with Swiss Dance Award.

The short version was placed on the Priority List of aerowaves /spring forward 13 and toured Switzerland with tanzfaktor interregio13. Cie zeitSprung represents the pair’s collaboration, but also positions itself as a collective, a network, and a spider’s web of artists of the most varied backgrounds and generations. For “Zürich tanzt”, they worked together with the actor Andreas Storm to create the display window project “Silent Disco.” In 2015 they created the group piece “Komplizen” which premiered in the Tanzhaus Zürich.

In 2016 they were invited with both pieces, Ortopädie and Komplizen to the International Beijing Dance Festival. By then the strong need and desire of the whole company to refine and sharpen their first group piece let them recreate or better create the new piece Komplizen RELOADED which premiered successfully in November 2016 in Zurich.
Ever since then they are touring with all their pieces in Switzerland, Europe and Asia. It is a strong desire to all members of the zeitSprung to not only perform all over but also to share their work and interests by teaching workshops, collaborating with local art scenes, bring dance to audiences with no traditional access to performing arts like in prisons, solidarity association etc.
in the meantime they have also created different participatory street actions.

Kilian Haselbeck

started dancing with HipHop and later Ballet at the Ballet Centre Gerda von Arb (Zurich) followed by a BA in contemporary dance at Codarts Rotterdam Dance Academy, 2008. Since then he has been working as a freelance dancer and choreographer in Belgium, China, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia, Austria, the USA, e.g. Expo Shanghai, Les Ballets du Monde in New York, Vloeistof NL and Festspiele Bregenz (AT). In Switzerland he has worked with Philippe Saire, Marisa Godoy (Oona Project), Tim Fletcher, Mischa Käser, Mirjam Neidhart, Philip Amann. In 2014 Kilian received a dance award from the City of Zürich.

Meret Schlegel

is a dancer, dance teacher, dramaturge. She has had a long and distinguished career in dance both on stage and off, performing across Europe and the US, often collaborating with artists from other disciplines. She has worked in many cultural institutions in Zürich including 11 years as Director of the Dance House Zurich. After leaving Tanzhaus she resumed her career as a dancer and performer and she creates her own work. From the city of Zurich she received 2103 a dance award 2014-15 a dance residency in San Francisco.