“Wilderwald” is a project by the artist duo Christine Bänninger and Peti Wiskemann with clients and professionals at the Weidli Foundation in Stans. The project idea of the artist couple is to create connections between people through a joint art project.

From February to December 2021, the “Wilderwald” will be created together with the clients and staff at the Weidli Stans Foundation. Old cardboard in all sizes and shapes was painted, cut into pieces and installed. Over the past months, a dense wickerwork gradually emerged, spreading over all four floors of the day centre.

Zeitsprung with Kilian Haselbeck, Meret Schlegel, Kuan-Ling Tsai, Manel Salas Palau, Nello Novela entered into a dialogue with the art project “Wilderwald”. Interactive, with guitar, voice and “human beatbox”, the dance event on 19 November 2021 in the barrier-free entrances of the day care centre of the Weildi Stans Foundation became an overall cultural experience of a special kind.