2015 Kilian Haselbeck (Cie zeitSprung) created together with Manel Salas Palau and Stiftung Freizeit the interactive performance “Yellow”for „Zürich Tanzt“ in 2015.


Zebra crossings, red lights, GO! The yellow waves are coming! Crosswalk dancing with Kilian Haselbeck (Cie zeitSprung), Stiftung FREIZEIT and Manel Palau. In this polyphonic choreography of the city, we move in a free space between rules which define our rhythms: green – walk, red – stop, no turning on, park in blue zones… But how big is the freedom in this free spaces actually?

Can we find our own new rules for this urban board? “Yellow” is an ode to the liberty of movement in the city, a short disruption of our automated behavior in an urban space. With zebra crossings as dance floors and traffic as maker, the pedestrians will do more than just passing one another. Come and discover the turbulent polonaise-like the pedestrian Stop-and-Go or the BananaLoca. But be aware, the Yellow Wave is infectious!

September 7, 2021


May 23, 2019

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May 23, 2019