East Ukrainian Project

This project initiated by artasfoundation will be realised together with tanz laboratorium Kiev.
In May in Mariupol we met with members of different population groups. We learned how the “Soviet Body” is still present in daily life and how it being passed on to next generations.

So we decided to take this as our topic for our research with a mixed group which will eventually lead into an artistic presentation. For us outsiders of the Soviet Union there were strong moments when we witnessed how many are nostalgic about their childhood during the Soviet Union. We think that these memories/ feelings are not linked to a specific system but to belonging to a community with its traditions like sitting around a table, eating and singing together like someone described her longing.

Project in Armenia with Teenagers and Kids

In June instead of last fall, Meret and Kilian could travel to Armenia and start another very inspiring project with called “Wishing Wishes”.

For this first workshop for children and teenagers from small villages of conflict regions along the border we stayed for one week in Dilijan in the mountains. We all lived and danced in a center and taught together with four local Armenian dance teachers. They all know lots of Armenian dances but also love to improvise to pop music and learn new choreographies. For all of them it was the first time to be traveling and staying in a place without their families.

We will return two more times to eventually create a piece that will tour in the region. This fall during a second workshop we will deepen the work and create a piece together. Next year this will then go on tour and bring new dance to the home villages of the participants who all have in there region been exposed to military conflicts.
We are grateful that the knowledge we received during our education and work experiences find a meaningful way to be passed on. For all of us it was a wonderful learning experience, it never felt like “work”.