Jukebox Dancer

In the performance Jukebox Dancer, Kilian challenges labels and categories and explores his desire for being more than just one expression of himself. The audience is invited to push buttons that activate various short acts, from disco queen to rock star, from shy stripper to childhood idol, and from improvisation artist to virtuos ballet dancer. Trapped in a glass box, Kilian offers the audience bite-size performances on demand and goes all out in his role as entertainer. The Solo criticises simple categorisation and consumerism and at the same time celebrates the colourful existence and endless creativity of humanity.

Idea, Choreography, Dance: Kilian Haselbeck

Dramaturgy: Charlotte Mathiessen

Outside Eye: Meret Schlegel

Stage Concept: Kilian Haselbeck, Planning and Implementation: Anton Lukas, Karl Dietrich, Joel T. Winter

Technical Support: Claudio Bagno

Co-production: ZÜRICH TANZT

Supported by Kulturraum Schaffhausen, Schweizerische Interpreten Stiftung, Ernst Göhner Foundation, Migros Culture Percentage