Human BeatBox

Imagine: you’re walking in the street and suddenly you’re surprised by a strange sound. Out of curiousity you stop and listen. Was it the sound of your own footsteps? Or maybe the sound of some kind of hammer? You realize you’re in the midst of a symphony of sound. The sounds amplify, progressively turning into a rhythm, a dance, and you finally give in to the desire to dance yourself.

Thanks to Reso and Fete de la danse.


07. Mai 2017 Tanzfest Brig
06. Mai 2017 Tanzfest Basel
06. Mai 2017 Tanzfest Luzern
06. Mai 2017 Tanzfest Fribourg
05. Mai 2017 Tanzfest Genf
04. Mai 2017 Tanzfest Lausanne